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If you'd like the opportunity to work for a fast growing Spirituality brand and blog we have multiple open job positions.

Please read below to see the available positions and the contact information to apply:

1. Blog Writer

We are looking for a passionate spirituality writer to work for us full time. If you love topics like crystals, healings and meditation; maybe this job is for you.

You'll need to do things like:

  • Write blog posts on topics of crystal properties, aromatherapy, healing, spiritual stories, more.
  • Edit and format blog posts for our blog.
  • Publish blog posts on our schedule.

2. Social Media Manager

We're looking for a full time person who can be our social media manager. This will include tasks such as:

  • Creating content on Canva.com or other to promote our blog posts and products.
  • Scheduling and publishing content across Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

All positions require experience in the spiritual field writing for spiritual websites before or deep knowledge in the topics.

If you are interested in applying for any of the above positions, please submit your CV and cover letter to kimmy@mystiqmoon.com.

If you do not hear from us it is because your application has been refused.

Thank you,


Mystiq Moon HR