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Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser

You want to enjoy aromatherapy but don't have time? You always have an excuse not to stop and smell the roses.

The Healing Necklace Diffuser allows you experience aromatherapy anytime, anywhere on your terms. Simply add a few drops of essential oil into the diffuser necklace (made of real lava stones) before placing it around your neck and inhale deeply as needed throughout the day - no need for anything else.

Add aromatherapy to your daily routine with a diffuser necklace.


• Portable: Take your aromatherapy everywhere.
• Discreet: No need to hide your diffuser.
• High Quality: made of lava stones will not break.
• Lightweight: Lightweight material and adjustable chain allow you to wear anywhere.
• Versatile: Add essential oils of choice.

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