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Taurus Birthstone Meanings And Properties

Taurus Birthstone Meanings And Properties

July 08, 2021

If your birthday falls between April 20th and May 20th, your sun sign is Taurus! The primary Taurus birthstone is the beautiful earthy Emerald, a perfect fit for the earth sign. But what are the meanings and properties of the Taurus birthstone? Balance, healing, and heart, in a few words. Want to find out how Emerald can impact you or the Tauruses in your life? Here’s everything you need to know.

Emerald: The Main Taurus Birthstone                          

Each sun sign has both primary and secondary birthstones that they react to. For Taurus, the primary birthstone is emerald. We will explore the most potent secondary birthstones for Taurus later on.                                                                  
Emeralds are most commonly found in an unmistakable brilliant green color which brings to mind the lush foliage of nature, a perfect fit for an earth sign like Taurus. But this stone has more to offer than visual appeal, the emerald is connected to Venus, the ruling planet of the Taurus sun sign. Further establishing the deep connection between Taurus and Emeralds, the gemstone is known to provide clarity, promote unity, and attract love and loyalty, a perfect fit for the sun sign of love and knowledge.                                                                                                   
All of that just begins to scratch the surface on the properties, uses, and benefits of emerald for Taurus. If you need help finding balance and clarity, emerald is the stone for you. It taps into both the head and heart aspect of Taurus, offering metaphysical benefits that raise consciousness, improve mental capacity, and sharpen intuition, while also stimulating the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing and interpersonal connection.                                                                         
Those experiencing illness or recovering from an injury will benefit from the use and presence of emerald, and the benefits are only amplified for those with it as a birthstone. You can expect reduced healing times and improved recovery outcomes.                                                                                                                    
In combination with proper medical care, Emerald offers specific healing benefits to those experiencing issues with the heart, lungs, muscular system, and spine. Those with chronic conditions such as diabetes and rheumatism may see a reduction in symptoms and a decrease in flare-ups when wearing emerald jewelry or using the stone in regular healing practices.                                                           

Secondary Taurus Birthstones and Their Properties

You can never have too many gemstones, and Taurus has several secondary birthstones that offer different health and healing benefits. Here are the ones every Taurus should have in their collection:


Malachite Taurus Birthstone

The stereotypical Taurus is always busy, taking on multiple projects and obligations at once, sometimes more than they should. If this sounds like you, it’s time to get yourself some Malachite and enjoy its ability to create calm and foster inner peace!

Taurus brings a fiery passion and intensity to everything they do, which can tire them out. This makes them a perfect candidate for the restorative properties of Malachite. Since the times of ancient Egypt, this stone has been used to restore balance, provide peace, and guard against negative energies, due in part to its ability to resonate with every chakra.

Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline Taurus Birthstone

The fiery passion of Taurus can leave them feeling tightly wound, impatient, and even short-tempered. It should be no surprise then that Blue Tourmaline is a favored secondary birthstone for Taurus. The stone is known for its ability to bring emotional balance, create tranquility, and foster acceptance. This goes double for those born under the sign of Taurus, making it a powerful tool for relaxation and personal growth.

If you find yourself struggling with the famous Taurus temper, try adding a piece of blue tourmaline jewelry into your rotation to benefit from its calming effects. Stuck on a problem? Meditating with a Blue Tourmaline will stimulate the chakras of the throat and third-eye, offering new insight and opening Taurus to spiritual connections they may otherwise lack in their grounded day-to-day life.


Carnelian Taurus Birthstone

Creativity is another strong trait found in many born under Taurus. Unfortunately, inspiration is a fickle mistress and confidence can run low through the creative process even for the most accomplished of artists. Luckily, Taurus can count on their secondary birthstone, Carnelian, to aid them through their creative process.

The brilliant orange Carnelian gives off warm energy that can lift the spirits, and boost the natural tenacity of Taurus giving them the push that they need to see their creative endeavors through to completion. The gemstone can also be used to tap into the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, bringing contentment and allowing Taurus to fully appreciate the fruits of their labors.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Taurus Birthstone

Emerald isn’t the only brilliant green birthstone for Taurus, Aventurine is another popular option. While Aventurine is found in a variety of gorgeous hues including pink, purple, red, yellow, and blue, it’s the Green Adventurine that has the strongest connection with this sun sign.

Green Adventurine is associated with attracting wealth, fortune, and good luck, earning it the nickname of “The Gambler’s Stone”. Despite the name, using Green Aventurine in your healing and meditative practices is anything but a gamble. You can count on it to bring balance, clarity, and compassion in as well.

If you know Taurus, you’ll know that the sign is associated with having a taste for the finer things in life. Taurus is drawn to opulence and wealth, which makes the fortuitous Green Adventurine a great fit. Too much of a good thing can be toxic though, which is where the balance this stone offers is key. Green Adventurine can help Taurus stay grounded and mindful in their pursuit of luxury.

Like Emerald, you can also use Green Aventurine to tap into and heal the heart chakra. A healthy, open heart chakra will help Taurus to remain compassionate and patient even in difficult situations.


Amethyst Taurus Birthstone

Amethyst is more than just a pretty stone, it’s also a secondary birthstone for Taurus as well as a powerful healing aid. The beautiful purple crystal can be used to promote emotional recovery and establish balance. For Taurus, this stone is an exceptionally powerful tool for stress relief and relaxation.

Despite its soothing properties, Amethyst won’t lull you into passivity. Tauruses lacking energy and direction can rely on this stone to help them make changes and get out of their comfort zones.


Garnet Taurus Birthstone

Garnet is best known as the primary birthstone for those born in January, but it’s also the talismanic stone for those born under the sun sign of Taurus. Talismanic stones are engraved and worn for protection from evil, good fortune, and to attract power and influence. These stones correspond to the Zodiac signs and are worn as amulets or another piece of jewelry.

In addition to the talismanic benefits this stone provides Taurus, Garnet can be used to cleanse yourself against negatives thoughts and feelings, encouraging positive thinking in its place and giving Taurus newfound courage and confidence.

As you can see, Taurus is blessed with birthstones that can offset many of life’s difficulties, especially those that affect them most deeply. Incorporating these stones into your daily life through jewelry or as part of your spiritual practices can help you face the challenges unique to you as a Taurus. No matter which stones you choose or how you use them, your birthstones are sure to bring positive change to your life.


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