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Selenite Crystals & Healing Properties

Selenite Crystals & Healing Properties

May 30, 2021

Selenite is an aesthetically pleasing stone greatly appreciated for its powerful cleansing properties. Available across all continents, this mineral is often found in nature around caves, lakes or other bodies of water. Its colour may vary, ranging from grey-white shades to mild greens. Its shape can be rhomboid, prismatic, or spiral.

This powerful mineral is characterised by high vibratory levels that instil a sense of calm and spiritual heightening. Perfect by itself, Selenite can also be combined with other crystals for maximised effects. Crystal experts recommend Selenite to welcome positive energy into your home or place of work.

Among the peculiar qualities of this stone, we find its ability to balance out the energy of other crystals or even work as a cleansing tool for different stones. Most gems have a tendency to lose their energetic charge over time, meaning your collection will sometimes benefit from the proximity of Selenite. You could even invest in a selenite plate for your stones to rest on and recharge overnight.

Popular uses of Selenite

Uses of Selenite

There is really no limit to the ways you can enjoy this delightful stone. For example, its calming and balancing effects make it an amazing addition to your bedroom. Besides looking great on your nightstand, the soothing energy of Selenite is guaranteed to help you sleep!

As well as holding energy-clearing properties, the crystal is an ally to the lovers of alternative healing practices such as bodywork, reiki, yoga, and meditation. You might want to keep your Selenite with you during your physical practice or hold it in your hands in your mindfulness sessions. Some crystal lovers also like to place a Selenite stone or on their chest whilst lying down for their breathwork. 

Selenite also comes in the form of jewellery such as bracelets, pendants and earrings. Keeping this crystal near your body at all times can be a wonderful way of maximising its benefits and enjoying its rejuvenating properties. 

Selenite massages can help to heal energy blockages along the chakras and restore energy balances. Massaging yourself or others with the aid of a Selenite crystal wand can even bring you closer to a meditative state and help your awareness and intuition. As for no-contact reiki style massage, it will help to simply move the wound along your subject’s spine to balance out their chakras, unlock energy blockages, and restore their vitality. 

Selenite is one of the most important crown chakra crystals. Its function is to contribute with higher consciousness and spiritual growth. People implement Selenite in their daily life to start their spiritual journey. 

A natural light amplifier, Selenite is known to be employed as window glass in ancient Greece with the intent of magnifying the moonlight. By the same token, bringing a large Selenite slab into a room of your choice will give your space a natural, insightful and calming glow.

In its rosette form, Selenite makes for an aesthetically fascinating centrepiece and also helps instil a sense of clarity and guidance in your decision making. Similarly, keeping a few stones in your handbag or pockets can support you in transitioning times and provide you with insight and inspiration. 

Selenite is also particularly effective in keeping unwanted forces out of your living space, for this reason, you might want to place some rocks or accessories on your window sill, right outside your home, or in between rooms. Doing this will act as a barrier and protect your space from the negative or overwhelming vibrations of the outside world. 

Combining Selenite with Other Crystals 

Not unlike many crystals, the benefits of Selenite can be maximised by choosing other crystals to combine it with. While there is no counter-indication or known combinations to avoid, it is helpful to know the most effective mixes and matches for your collection: 


Bixbite Crystal

Combined with Bixbite, Selenite has the power to help heighten the feminine side, boost self-confidence, libido, and even fertility. Along with improving your chances for conception, this combo will protect the expectant mother and her child during pregnancy. 


Garnet Crystal

When associated with Garnet, Selenite can replenish your vital energy and regulate your sleep cycle. Since oversleeping and feeling lethargic is often an indication of a chakra imbalance, placing a handful of these two stones in your bedroom will help get the rest you need. You could place these two stones in your meditation, bodywork or massage room as they will make you feel great after every session. 


Shungite Crystal

With its heightened metaphysical properties, Shungite is also a powerful crystal to combine with Selenite. What’s more, healers are known to consider this combination among the most powerful and transformative of all. When working together, these two crystals heighten the protection grid Selenite is known for, create a meditation vortex, and balance your circadian cycle.


Moonstone Crystal

When brought together, Selenite and Moonstone work in perfect harmony as the characteristic creativity and celebration of new beginnings typical of Moonstone is complemented by the clarity of mind inspired by Selenite. Moonstone is associated with the Sahaswara, the crown chakra which is our source of enlightenment and spiritual connection. This can have a direct impact on your spiritual path. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Finally, Black Tourmaline is another powerful ally of Selenite. The grounding properties of this stone can instil a sense of self-worth that - paired with Selenite - results in double-action protective vibrations guiding you and shielding you through important life decisions.


Selenite is a beautifully versatile crystal. The intriguing aesthetic of both its raw and refined form is an added benefit to the amazing healing properties of this stone.  

The see-through quality of purified Selenite adds interesting light effects blessing your home or workplace with a sense of cosiness, calm, and magic.