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Scorpio Birthstone Meaning And Properties

Scorpio Birthstone Meaning And Properties

July 15, 2021

If your birthday falls between October 23rd and November 23rd, your sun sign is Scorpio! Scorpio is considered to be one of the most powerful zodiac signs, possessing a dual nature that requires a lot of flexibility throughout their lives. Luckily, the primary Scorpio birthstone, Topaz, can help them find balance. But what are the meanings and properties of the Scorpio birthstone? Healing, soothing, and recharging in a few words. Here’s everything you need to know.

Topaz: The Main Scorpio Birthstone

Topaz Scorpio Birthstone

Each sun sign has both primary and secondary birthstones that they are particularly attuned to. For Scorpio, the primary birthstone is Topaz. We will explore the most potent secondary birthstones for Scorpio later on.

Topaz in its natural state is found in a range of sun-touched hues from golden brown to yellow, fitting as this stone is a shining light for the Scorpios that claim it as a birthstone. As we touched on the intro, Scorpios often struggle to find a middle ground between their conflicting inner natures. This can bring about significant emotional distress and artificially limit the vast potential of those born under this sign. Fortunately, they can rely on Topaz to help them strike a balance between these diverging qualities. The gemstone will also help Scorpio to mitigate their feelings of discomfort when an internal conflict or period of transition arises.

Stress relief and emotional healing are two benefits of Topaz that most Scorpios are in desperate need of. This sign has so much potential and a powerful drive to make a difference, but negative emotions and overwhelming stress can cause them to develop a habit of inaction. These cycles can put Scorpio in a very dark place mentally but can be effectively mitigated through mindfulness and the use of Topaz in their day-to-day lives.

Topaz Scorpio Birthstone

Additionally, wearing or keeping Topaz in the home can purify your space of negative energies and help you and your loved ones avoid illness. When worn by Scorpio, Topaz will bring out the best in them. The natural confidence and charisma of the sign will shine through, making them excellent communicators and leaders, and helping the wearer quell anxieties, finding a deep inner peace.

Topaz doesn’t just provide emotional healing benefits, the gemstone has been favored for healing and illness prevention for thousands of years, and its healing benefits are only amplified for those who claim it as a birthstone.

Topaz has been associated with improved outcomes in those struggling with a number of serious and chronic conditions including asthma, blood disorders, bursitis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue disorder, declining vision, digestive disorders, eating disorders, gout, heart disease, insomnia, kidney stones, and rheumatism. In combination with proper medical care, users may experience significant pain relief and regular use can result in a decrease in flare-ups.

The gemstone is also an effective healing aid for injuries, specifically cuts, bruises, and abrasions. Wearing Topaz jewelry and using the stone in your healing practices can improve the recovery outcome and reduce the time needed to heal.

Secondary Scorpio Birthstones and Their Properties

While Topaz is immensely powerful as the primary birthstone for Scorpios, this complex sun sign can find real benefits from the healing properties of their secondary birthstones as well. Here are the gemstones every Scorpio should have in their collection:


Citrine Scorpio Birthstone

Scorpio has big dreams, thankfully Citrine is here to help them find their way to achieving them. This stone can be used to help Scorpio find the focus they need and avoid distractions on their journey. Citrine has also been associated with boosting willpower, something that would make strong-willed, independent Scorpio nearly unstoppable.


Beryl Scorpio Birthstone

It can be hard being a Scorpio, the sign has a reputation of hard edges, but their inner nature is often much softer. Beryl is a secondary birthstone for Scorpio with a reputation for helping them come out of their shells and lighten up a little. This can be crucial for serious Scorpio, who needs a little help to find the fun in life at times.


Tourmaline Scorpio Birthstone

Tourmaline comes in a rainbow of vivid colors, but it’s the Black Tourmaline that Scorpio is so in tune with. The stone carries a high electric charge, strong enough to create sparks when struck or rubbed against another stone, which gives it unique energy and aura. Scorpios can rely on Black Tourmaline to purify themselves and their environment of negative energies, attracting positive ones in their place and helping Scorpio to clearly convey their innermost thoughts and feelings.


Peridot Scorpio Birthstone

Of all the sun signs, it’s Scorpio who is most likely to find themselves stuck in a rut. They can make use of their secondary birthstone, Peridot, to help them find direction and make positive changes in their life.

This gemstone has been known to raise energy levels, increase productivity, and inspire creative thought. It can be especially powerful when used to navigate a significant life event, like choosing a career, opening a business, or starting a family. Meditating with Peridot can also bring inner clarity, allowing you to tap into your true feelings and desires.


Sodalite Scorpio Birthstone

Calm is a distant dream for most Scorpios. Even if they have their lives in order, this sun sign struggles with significant inner turmoil at all stages of life. Sodalite can provide some much-needed relief, giving off an aura of calm that permeates your space and body.

The natural soothing properties of this gemstone are even stronger when it’s unrefined, so if you need some serious relaxation, look for a larger chunk of raw Sodalite.

Boji Stone

Boji Stone Scorpio Birthstone

If you need a fresh start, look no further than the Boji Stone. Boji Stones are incredibly unique and come in gendered pairs of female and male. The energies of the Boji Stones uniquely interact with each other in a way that promotes both physical and spiritual healing. You can see this interaction for yourself by holding one of the stones in each hand and moving them apart. You should feel a small, almost magnetic, pull as the stones seek each other out.

When held to an injury, the energy of the Boji Stone can provide localized pain relief and increase blood flow to the area. When used in meditation the stones can alleviate energy blockages and improve the flow of chi in your system.


Flint Scorpio Birthstone

Flint is an extremely spiritual birthstone for Scorpios and should be handled with care. The stone is traditionally used by spiritual healers to repair psychic wounds and cut unhealthy spiritual connections with the user.

With the proper knowledge, Scorpio can use Flint to perform these healing rituals for themselves. It’s recommended that individuals primarily use this stone to promote the heal old hurts and move on from toxic scenarios, as cutting connections with others is significant and should be handled appropriately.

Sensitive but solitary Scorpio stands to gain more than most in the Zodiac from harness the powers of their birthstones. Through their use, Scorpio can enhance the great qualities that are already within them, allowing them to tap into their personal power, achieve their dreams, and live their best lives. Incorporating these birthstones into their daily life through jewelry or as part of their spiritual practices can help Scorpio navigate the difficulties they face in life with ease.