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Red Jasper – Meaning, Healing Properties And Uses

Red Jasper – Meaning, Healing Properties And Uses

May 19, 2021

What exactly is red jasper and where can it be found?

Red jasper is a mineral from the main group of earth minerals - the group of quartz. The peculiarity of red jasper is in its ability to represent the place where the crystal is used and, therefore, to improve the physical condition. As a chalcedony belonging to the group of Quartz, Jasper comes in numerous colors, each of which has its metaphysical properties and meaning.

One of its varieties known as bloody stone, representing spots with distinctive green and red coloration is considered special. Red Jasper is harvested in energetically active mountains and areas where there is a sufficient amount of all earth elements. 

Planets of Red Jasper as Saturn and Mars.

The Deities who would work with the stone are The Egyptian goddess Isis (one of the widespread symbols of the goddess is the amulet "Toccata of Isis" or "Blood of Isis", which is often made from the red minerals carnelian or jasper), the Indian goddess Aditi, the Greek goddess Persephone, the Japanese goddess of the Amaterasu sun (three sacred relics of Amaterasu are known - a mirror, a sword, and a red jasper).

The crystal does not have an astrological sign as correspondence, because its energy is timeless, it is spatial.


Why should we use red jasper in our daily life?


When it comes to showing strength, courage, and wisdom, the unique Jasper emerges in the mind as a stone doing "several things in one", resonating with the earth and its seemingly endless layers of colors and shades. It is known that the red jasper appears in a person's life when he is on the verge of existential exhaustion.

Also known as the "stone of war", red jasper inspires courage, strength, and loyalty. Reduces injustice and helps in unjust situations. 

Red jasper can interact with the living space. This stone develops the underdeveloped properties that characterize the human habitat. In this way, jasper improves a person's physical properties, which is why his acceptance and interaction with him must be guided by specific tasks. One of these tasks is to group the work of the main energy in the body. This mineral is suitable for those who have problems with fine energy, which does not allow their mind to concentrate.


Myths and legends of Red Jasper

Myths of Red Jasper

This mineral was used in ancient Egypt. Jasper represented the rhythm of space development and was associated with the scarab. It was believed that he strengthened his power, so jasper became the ruler's stone. The name of the ruler, with its energy characteristics, was to represent the will of Heaven and Earth. And what concerned the Earth was also related to the red jasper.

In the Taoist tradition, red jasper was associated with the development of Qi energy. Perhaps the most valued jasper was the Persians (they called the mineral yašp), who considered it a guardian mineral. Later, Arab alchemists used jasper as a stone to conserve and conserve energy. He played such a role among the Jews (yushphah) as well as in Akkadian culture (yashupu). That is why this stone began to be considered as a collector of energy (as a crystal of the uterus) by the Chinese and Greeks (iaspis), as well as in Cretan culture.


In Christianity, the power of red jasper is associated with one of God's powers. This stone was associated with the apostle Peter. It is believed that jasper should be used for embedding in clothing, utensils, and homes. Jasper is one of the thirteen spaces of the universe, confirmation of which we find in the Bible.

Protection and grounding qualities

In general, it is a stone of protection. A person who has to travel would often be wise to carry Jasper with him, as its protective properties are likely to provide safe travel conditions. The stone can also be used to support astral travel. It is particularly good for anyone who is just starting their spiritual journey as it is a great grounding stone and will keep the practitioner safe while exploring the spiritual realm.

It is a stone that can retain energy but not convert it. This feature defines the crystal as a carrier of energy and power. It also allows jasper to interact directly with human blood due to its color and to energize the owner. The wide distribution of this stone around the world speaks of its close physical connection with the earth. In red jasper, it seems that the variety of earth layers merge into one. If you had a stressful day, week, or even a month and you need grounding – then red jasper is your stone!

The healing qualities of red jasper 

Red Jasper Healing Qualities

The ancient Egyptians especially revered red jasper because they associated it with the blood of the ancient Egyptian mother goddess Isis; they believed that it helps women during pregnancy and increased the production of their breast milk.

It is great for managing energy in everything related to fear, anxiety, strain, and anxiety in general. It is recommended for anyone who has an anxiety problem and has difficulty achieving peace of mind. Red Jasper balances obsessive tendencies and restores harmony. Eliminates contradictions and paradoxes. Some of its varieties renew the lost contact with nature. It returns to the true path if one is lost spiritually.

Wearing Jasper relieves stress and calms down. Facilitates karmic healing, extraction of toxins from the body, and stimulates the immune system. Promotes emotional detoxification and calms digestive processes.

Red Jasper is suitable for developing taste and working on attention. It is also suitable for strengthening tendons and nourishing cells. For women, jasper is extremely useful because it helps regulate the menstrual cycle.

As for the endocrine system, this mineral is especially useful for the pancreas, which controls the functions of the intestines and spleen. By the way, red jasper has a positive effect on all Yin organs. Particular attention should be paid to the ability of red jasper to affect the uterus and help stabilize the energy processes in it.


Mental and Emotional healing qualities of red jasper

Red Jasper endows its user with determination in all kinds of research. As a stone of courage, it encourages one to be honest with oneself when faced with problems. It provides an opportunity to progress by defending one's position, not by aggression.

If a person has been selfish or self-centered, holding red is reminiscent of working harmoniously with others.

For those who need luck, inspiration, and protection, the stone is nothing but grace. It helps a person to take risks that would seem unusual to him and rewards and protects him. By enhancing the ability to take risks, the stone makes a person feel stronger and more powerful.

Meditating and wearing Red Jasper

Wearing Red Jasper

Red Jasper is one of the root chakra crystals. When meditating is recommended  to place the Jasper on the first chakra or in the hand. This will allow the mind to feel the energy of this powerful stone.

In yoga practices, red jasper is responsible for strengthening the areas where energy naturally gathers in the human body.

Jasper should not be worn more than two days a week (Thursday and Saturday are recommended), because otherwise, the physical needs of the body will increase. The wearing of this stone must be alternated with other stones, both to improve the impact of the stone itself and to alleviate the load on the energy field of man.


Cleansing the red jasper

When the red jasper is worn in direct contact with the skin and clothes, it should be washed and soaked in mineral water overnight. You can also burn some incense – frankincense, salvia, sage, palo santo, or another earthy aroma and cleanse the stone simply by using the smoke. If you leave the red jasper on moonlight on a New Moon, you will charge it with energy, if you let it soak the light of the Full Moon, that will remove any negative energies from it. 

Another great way to cleanse the stone is to place it with Selenite – this stone is known for heaving cleansing qualities and when it is close to other crystals it removes all the negativities. 

Last but not least – you can bury the stone in soil or a jar of salt – this will naturally take away any build-up energies and will recharge the crystal.


Final thoughts on Red Jasper

Jasper is said to be the message of Mother Earth to her children. Each stone contains encoded information about the planet's past. It doesn't have to be just a tradition. Jasper, the most colorful of all minerals, contains so many patterns and colors that it cannot even be classified in detail. And they all appeared due to certain factors in the process of rock formation. This mineral sometimes looks so amazing that it is as if it has come out of the palette of a crazy artist. We believe that each of us can find benefit in using jasper in our daily lives, so if you are attracted to it, you should make it part of your collection!