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Opalite Meaning And Healing Properties

Opalite Meaning And Healing Properties

April 02, 2021

Also known as tiffany stone, opalised fluorite, purple opal and even icecream stone, opalite is a glass stone resembling opals. It is characterised by a see-through white colour and blue shades instilling a sense of purity and calm.

Whilst naturally found in volcanic settings in some places of Africa and Brazil, most of the opalite available nowadays is man-made. This, of course, has an impact on its energetic property and spirituality which differ from those of natural stones. The specific vibratory levels of opalite make it particularly apt for granting support against the tangible obstacles you might find in your path. This gem is also a great catalyst for positive energy, good moods and overall acceptance. 

What are the benefits of opalite?

Also believed to have a rejuvenating effect on blood circulation, opalite is most appreciated for its spiritual properties. The calming and purifying quality of its shades makes this gem perfect for connecting with the Self and finding inner strength. For this reason, many gem lovers will rely on opalite for support during a transitional period in their lives such as a move, a separation, or the beginning of a new relationship. Due to its characteristic ability to balance the opposites (Yin and Yang), opalite can also ease stress and improve sleep. 

Opalite healing properties

Beside being employed as an ornament, opalite is an all-time favourite for its healing and spiritual properties, along with its energetic power influencing the third-eye chakra - responsible for insight and potential for communication with elements outside of the physical world. 

As you discover more about the incredible power of this precious stone, you might begin to wonder whether opalite is the right crystal for you. To help you choose, we will cover some of the areas that can be positively influenced by opalite.

Opalite influence on your inner world and relationships

Meaning of Opalite

As we mentioned before, this powerful gem is there to assist you in all the defining moment of your life. Romantic and interpersonal relationships are the core value most people’s lives revolve around. By helping you nurture your inner world, opalite will in turn also support happier and more gratifying relationships in your life. Enhancing curiosity and self-esteem, opalite can help you radiate a love that is genuine because it comes from an authentic sense of gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful things in the world. When it comes to romance, this precious stone helps you nurture a sense of compassion and mutual understanding in your relationship. This particular property makes this gem a reference for people going through a rough patch in life.

Using opalite to achieve material fortune 

If you are quite happy with the relationship in your life and more concerned about equally important material matters, opalite might still be the right choice for you. Whilst financial prosperity is the first to come to mind, wealth can in fact come in many shapes and forms. 

Generally speaking, opalite is a great tool to channel prosperity and abundance in your life - whatever that means to you. It will also support you in your journey towards a place of material stability, safety and balance.

How to use opalite

The beauty of this sophisticated gem makes it the perfect ornament for your home or place of work. When strategically positioned, the purifying effects of this stone will immediately start showing: you will quickly find a renewed sense of inner peace, self-worth and clarity in your decision-making. 

While simply being in the same room as this precious stone is highly beneficial, to maximise its effect you should consider always keeping opalite on or close to your body. This is when the beautiful jewellery comes to play! There is no shortage of beautiful pendants, ringtones, beaded bracelets and earrings made out of the lovely opalite! Alternatively, you might choose to keep a few loose stones in your pocket or your wallet - the latest trick particularly effective to promote material wealth.

When to use opalite

When To Use Opalite

Beside carrying it with you, there are other ways you can maximise opalite’s benefits. For example, opalite can be an amazing tool to enhance the power of your daily meditation. Placed in your favourite spot for your practice, the beneficial effect of the stone can influence your third eye by heightening your intuition. Moreover, the balancing effect of opalite’s energy helps you equilibrate your emotional and material sides. Along with the usual benefits of meditation, practising mindfulness in the proximity of an opalite is often accompanied by vision, a sudden outburst of insight, and the clarity necessary to make meaningful and life-changing decisions.

How to maximise the healing power of opalite

Man-made or natural, most stones can have their healing properties enhanced by mixing and matching. Depending on the result you wish to achieve, there are several stones that you can try and combine with opalite. For example: 

Hyalite, jelly, or water opal

Combined with some of its natural counterparts such as hyalite, jelly or water opal, opalite becomes an even greater assistant for your meditation session, bringing you the inner peace you seek and lifting you a little closer to the divine.

Fire Opal

When combined with fire opal, opalite has the power of heightening clarity in the decision making, helping you gain insight on a particular matter and balance your intellect with your emotions.

Blue Peruvian Opal

When working together, Blue Peruvian opal and opalite will not only heighten your understanding of your current circumstances but will also enhance your psychic powers and premonitions. 


When combined with other artificial man-made stones such as Goldstone, opalite’s vibrations spread even more powerfully into the material world, guiding you through the more pragmatical decisions in life as well as enhancing your sense of self-awareness. 


Whilst the beautifully understated appearance of this powerful stone is what may catch your eye at first, Opalite is also worth considering for its amazing healing and esoterical powers. Even better, the versatility of this gem means you will find just the right place for it!