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Chakra Bracelet Meaning - Healing Properties And Benefits

Chakra Bracelet Meaning - Healing Properties And Benefits

November 07, 2019

Every time more people are looking for balance in their lives. Busy lifestyles can make people’s chakras get blocked, causing problems in their physical and mental health. The challenge is to synchronize them in order to keep ourselves in a vital state.

Chakras make reference to seven energy areas on your body, according to the ancient medical science; Ayurveda, there is a link between the mind and the body and it holds together different life aspects like, our physical being, energetic being, mental, social and spiritual being, in other words, chakras not only represent a part of our body, but it also represents parts of our conscious.

The chakra system is placed along the spine, starting from the base chakra in the coccyx up to the crown of the head where the crown chakra is. Almost every feeling, perception and conscious states can be related to a specific chakra, and for this reason, keeping your chakras clean is so necessary.

Just like you have to eat good food in order to be healthy, you must feed your soul and keep your chakras aligned, recognize the situations in life that can affect the chakras on your body is essential so you can avoid them and by using the chakra bracelet maintain yourself clean, protected and vital.

The hidden power of the chakra bracelet will be decode in this article. After reading this you will know how do they work, and what the meaning behind the gemstones, color, and chakras, also the benefits you will notice in your life after using the chakra bracelet.

What Is a Chakra Bracelet?


A chakra bracelet can work as a talisman, every day we may be exposed to situations where we can end up affected emotionally, or mentally drained and the bracelet is this help that will help you balance all these situations and filter your emotions. 

Every chakra is associated with some organs of the body so they can get affected directly by an unbalance in your chakras, it happens when the energy can’t flow freely through your chakras and it gets blocked causing ailments not only emotionally but physically. This bracelet comes with seven charms, these charms are special stones that align and heal one specific chakra on your body. The colors in the bracelet and its stones vibrational frequencies are special and play an important roll in the bracelet, and in this article, we will talk about it later.

How Do Chakra Bracelet Work? 

The vibrational frequency from the special stones are essential to heal your chakras and the color of each of them has an influence in your life as well.  

There are people constantly claiming positive changes after wearing healing crystal jewelry, that’s because the healing crystals raise people’s vibration and renews our energy, it filters bad vibes that might be surrounding you and this transforms our health and well-being.

The chakra bracelet focuses the seven energies that hold the balance in our lives in unison and cleanses each of these seven energies with the seven stones on the bracelet, finding the perfect balance which will bring calmness into our day by day activities.

Power Of Healing Crystals In The Chakra Bracelet

The power of crystals have been used for thousands of years, ancient civilizations recognized the multiple uses and benefits like releasing mental, physical and spiritual blockages.

Crystals have been used for protection and healing and it’s recommended to wear them every day, not necessarily like jewelry, having the stone on your pocket or purse will provide you with the protection or healing power needed.  

As said before, each chakra has an especial stone with a special color which has an important meaning. Check out which special stones are meant to be used in each chakra.

Colors, Stones, and Chakras

These powerful energy focuses in our bodies called chakras are responsible for such things in our daily life like how well we do at work, college or in simple social events, having balanced energy is the result of optimal response for any activity you have, and by wearing your chakra bracelet your energy will flow easily making you feel better, not only energized but focused.

Each chakra has a special color, the vibrational frequency is reflected through the stone color to the chakra to vitalize and heal. 

  • 1. Muladhara; the root chakra 

First things first, this chakra is placed in the base of the spine (coccyx) acting as the foundation of the rest of the chakras in your body. It is linked to stability. Its color is red and the element is earth. The stones associated with this chakra are garnet which energizes and red jasper that can give you the security encouraging you for every life challenge. Other stones like Hematite, Red onyx, pyrite, and smoky quartz can be used as a chakra stone in your chakra bracelet.

This grounding chakra represents these parts of your body: legs, feet, genitals, intestines, kidneys, bones and teeth.

When your Muladhara chakra is balanced you will feel like the universe conspires in your favor, a security feeling will surround you anywhere you go, you will feel good with life, and you will get a connection with your present making you feel focused on what is around you. You will enjoy good health, your immune system will be stronger than ever and food cravings will be controlled.

When your Muladharain chakra is unbalanced sudden panic attacks can occur, constant insecurity feelings and food anxiety can be one of the issues caused by the blocked root chakra. Physical problems such as colon irritability, bladder issues, and feet pain.

The way we can balance an open our root chakra is by wearing our chakra bracelet daily, meditating and focusing on all the positive things in our lives.

  • 2. Svadhisthana; the second sacral chakra 

It is placed above the pubic bone and below the navel. The second sacral chakra is the epicenter of our creativity and sexual energy. Its color is orange and the element is water. 

The stones associated with the second chakra are the carnelian which is used for creative pursuits, amber, calcite orange and hematite are also used in the chakra bracelet for this specific chakra.

The parts of the body this chakra represents are the kidneys, intestines, bladder, and reproductive organs.

When your Svadhisthana chakra is balanced you will feel the capability to accept situations in your life that are usually hard to handle, and your adaptability capacity will be stronger. Physical Sexual impulses, sensibility, and creativity are intense when your chakra is well balanced.

When your Svadhisthana chakra is unbalanced people can suffer from emotional instability, experience anxiety when a new change is coming, sexual dysfunction is the most common problem because this is the chakra related to the area, depression, and addictions are issues caused by irregularities in this chakra too.

Balancing this chakra is a job of regular meditation, having your chakra bracelet will boost and help the healing process. Any time you’re doing the meditation focus on this part of your body, and by wearing your bracelet every day you will feel the benefit of having this chakra open.

  • 3. Manipura; the solar plexus chakra

The third chakra is located in the area of the solar plexus and up to the breastbone. This chakra is the source of personal power, it also controls the self-esteem and transformation power. Its color is yellow and its element is fire. 

The stones associated with this chakra are mainly the tiger eye which strengthens willpower, other stones used in the chakra bracelet can be the yellow topaz, golden yellow labradorite, Citrine, Hessonite, and Zincite.

The parts of the body related to this chakra are the diaphragm, pancreas, stomach, liver, thoracic cage, spleen and gallbladder.

When your Manipura chakra is balanced you feel focus enough to set boundaries in every relationship, you create a strong link with your power will and like this, you realize how strong your personal power is. The physical benefits of having an open third chakra are better and efficient metabolism, a healthy gut is the result of a balanced chakra.

When your Manipura chakra is unbalanced things turn different, you can become aggressively competitive, irritable and intolerant. And digestive problems show up right after simple unbalance in this specific chakra.

In order to keep your chakra open meditation is needed, wearing your chakra bracelet on a daily basis is essential and keeping a good diet is important too, some yoga postures are ideal to strengthen your abdominal muscles and like this, you will stimulate the third chakra.

  • 4. Anahata; heart chakra

This chakra is placed in the middle of the others, located at the center of the chest, including your heart, cardiac plexus, thymus glands, lungs, and breasts. It is here where the spiritual and physical meet. The capacity to love and receive love is centered in this chakra, compassion and happiness are related to this chakra too. Its color is green and its element is air. 

The stones associated with this chakra are Malachite which transforms the love you need, Jade, Rose quartz, Aventurine and Unakite.

When your Anahata chakra is balanced you experience positive things such as a feeling of flowing with love and compassion, feeling good with yourself and accepting others too, you won’t feel alone and forgiving will be easier which also brings peace to you. With an open chakra, you take care of yourself physically and emotionally.

When your Anahata chakra is unbalanced peoples’ capacity to resolve problems seems not to work, people stop taking care of themselves and they put other peoples’ necessities first instead of theirs. Feelings of isolation are common when this chakra is blocked.

Wearing your chakra bracelet every day will help keeping this chakra open. Meditation is essential, by focusing your energy in the area where the chakra is you can improve a lot.

Empathy, love, and compassion are ideal to can help you open your fourth chakra

  • 5. Vishuddi; The throat chakra

The fifth chakra is located in the area of the throat. The Vishuddi is related to verbal expression also listening and understanding skills. Its color is blue and its element is space; or ether.

The stones associated with the Vishuddi chakra are the Amazonite which will help you reach a higher consciousness expression, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Blue Agate, Soladite, and Kyanite. These stones might be used in your chakra bracelet, any of them will encourage you to express your true self easily, and boost your chakra’s energy.

The parts of the body related to the fifth chakra are regions like the thyroid, jaw, neck, mouth, tongue, larynx and ears.

When your Vishuddi chakra is balance is common to experience the facility to communicate in difficult situations, listening to other people and understand them makes your friendships and relationships stronger.

When your Vishuddi chakra is unbalanced communication fails when having a deep conversation, people get bored of listening and trying to understand, the reason why things turn shallow.

To keep open the Vishuddi chakra is necessary to improve your communication skills. Give yourself time to meditate and focus all that positive energy in the area where this chakra is, this will improve your energy and keep your chakra clean. Wearing your chakra daily is going to help you maintain not only this chakra but the others open. The strong power of healing stones is something people need to experience every they in their lives.

  • 6. Ajna; Third eye chakra

The sixth chakra is placed in the space between the eyebrows. The Ajna chakra is related to intuition, it leads you to an inner knowledge once you open yourself to it. Its color is indigo and its element is the mind.

The stones associated with the Ajna chakra are the amethyst which enhances your natural intuition powers, sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Charoite, and Labradorite.

The parts of the body related to the Ajna chakra are the pituitary gland, the eyes, head and lower part of the brain.

When your Ajna chakra is balanced your intuition gets stronger, and your mind is open to new knowledge and ideas, and you get lucid dreams constantly.

When your Ajna chakra is unbalanced you people get mental confusion and disconnection with reality. Physical feelings are more like dizziness, headaches, endocrine instability, and insomnia.

There are many ways to open and keep your third eye chakra clean, is ideal to wear your chakra bracelet every day, when meditation is good to focus the energy n this chakra and focus on it.

  • 7. Sahaswara; The crown chakra

The seventh chakra is placed on top of the head. The Sahaswara chakra is our source of enlightenment and spiritual connection, here is where we connect with our higher selves and the divine energy feeds us. Its color is purple and its element is time and space.

The stones associated with the Sahaswara are the Moonstones which opens our energy and helps us reach a higher state of consciousness, Clear Quartz, opal, and Iolite.

The part of the body related to the seventh chakra is the head, mostly the crown.

When your Sahaswara chakra is balanced you get an energetic connection necessary to transcend your knowledge state and connect with your deeper selves

When your Sahaswara chakra is unbalanced, lack of inspiration feelings are common, you also might find hard to connect yourself with your spiritual being.

Meditation and the daily use of your chakra bracelet will help you balance and keep your Sahaswara chakra open.

Why do chakras get blocked?

Have you ever forgotten cooked food on your fridge and after a while you realize it has been weeks since you left it there, you take the food out and now your fridge smells awful. Well, the same happens with our chakras, but instead of the bad smell, we feel different things when the chakras are blocked, physical and emotional issues are common. When the energy doesn’t flow freely through our bodies is likely to suffer these problems and our life quality goes to the floor which makes our day-by-day routine harder to accomplish.

Our chakras get blocked when we leave negative emotions inside of us, these emotions are usually unable to release by itself from the body, the way to help your chakras free the bad energies is by keeping them open, keep reading and find out how to use your chakra bracelet and the benefits that it will bring to your life.

How To Wear Chakra Bracelets?


Getting the best energetic benefits from the chakra bracelets depends on where we use them. Most people don’t know the meaning of both sides of our bodies, the left side represents a more sensitive perception of life, also represents the feminine aspect of everyone’s being and is related to the inside of the body, that is why when you want to improve any aspect of your inside you might use your bracelet in this side, problems like high-stress levels can be treated with the bracelet because its frequency will send healing energies through the body.

The right side is the masculine side, this one is related to your outside; the way you act and interact with the world which means family, friends, and all kinds of people. When wanting to fix any issue related to your outside just remember to use your chakra bracelet on this side of your body.

Benefits of Chakra Bracelets?

Chakra bracelets bring multiple benefits to your life, people can use them any time and is not necessarily to be undergoing tough situations.

We need chakras daily, and when they are not working as they such we suffer the consequences, by using your bracelet daily you will experience these benefits:

  • It can help you solve real-life difficulties, addictions, and different health problems. When using the chakra bracelet recoveries turn easier to handle because of its healing properties.
  • Another benefit you will experience is that your mental state will change, positive thoughts will be common and you will start feeling better because when you think positive everything changes .
  • The chakra bracelet will boost your energy, as you know, any moment of your life is good to wear your chakra bracelet and when we are enjoying ourselves in life and we think we don’t need any type of protection, this is when we need to protect our good energy from energy vampires.
  • Many people ensure the bracelet can make you focus, and this is a benefit many people such as students can enjoy because it sharpens your mental focus.

Final Words...

When chakra bracelets are worn they can help keep the seven Chakras at their right energy levels and as a result, you will feel more balanced.

Many physical and emotional issues can be caused by instability in the chakras and by daily meditation and using the bracelet you can cure some of these problems.

Get your chakra bracelet and see for yourself all the benefits you can get from this powerful piece!