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Cancer Birthstones Meanings And Properties

Cancer Birthstones Meanings And Properties

July 13, 2021

If you’ve got a birthday between June 20th and July 22th, you were born under the sun sign of Cancer! Fittingly, the romantic Ruby is the primary birthstone for this dreamy water sign. But what are the primary qualities of this birthstone? Balance, self-love, and intuition. Want to learn more about how Ruby can impact you or the Cancerian people in your life? Keep reading for our full Cancer Birthstone Zodiac Guide.

Ruby: The Main Cancer Birthstone

Each sun sign has both primary and secondary birthstones that they react to. For Cancer, the primary birthstone is the Ruby, a beautiful red gemstone which symbolizes the sun. We will explore the most potent secondary birthstones for Cancer later on.

If you know a Cancer, you’ll know that this sun sign is a true romantic. Cancer’s are extremely passionate and full of love for the people around them. Fittingly, Ruby is a gemstone associated with all of these traits. In fact, Rubies have been more common in engagement and wedding rings than diamonds throughout history. But Rubies aren’t just for romance, they represent and promote all kinds of love, including the love between friends, family members, and one's self.

The popularity of the Ruby can be traced back to their value and rarity, as well as their healing and metaphysical properties. The stone is the rarest of the four cardinal gemstones, and the most valuable variety of corundum minerals, a family which also includes sapphires. The rarity of Rubies have made them important to many cultures throughout history, with the gemstone even being favored as a currency. Fittingly, the Ruby is said to invite prosperity to its bearer.

Ruby Cancer Birthstone

On the metaphysical side of things, Rubies have long been worn for protection against negative forces, as well as physical illness and injury. The gemstone is also said to clear the mind of negative thoughts and emotions and heighten the wearer’s intuition to warn them of danger. Like the crab that represents this sign, the sensitive heart of Cancer almost requires this safeguarding from the negatives of life, making it obvious why the Ruby is their primary birthstone.

In addition to its protective properties, Ruby can bring much needed balance into the hectic life of Cancers. The gemstone can help to level out the extreme highs and lows of emotion that Cancer experiences so frequently, also acting as a grounding force when the world around them becomes overwhelming.

Those struggling with exhaustion, restlessness, and procrastination will benefit from the presence and use of Rubies, especially for those that have it as a birthstone.

In combination with proper medical care, Ruby has been known to aid and boost the lymphatic system in purifying the blood and detoxifying the body. The stone can also be used to stimulate and promote healing in the adrenal glands, kidneys, reproductive organs,

and spleen. If you are struggling with a chronic condition, infectious disease, or fever, wearing Ruby can provide a reduction in flair-ups and aid in healing.

Secondary Cancer Birthstones and Their Properties

While Ruby is the primary birthstone for Cancer, it's not the only one with a powerful effect on those born under the Cancerian sun sign. Like the other zodiac signs, Cancer has several gemstones to which they are particularly attuned and will benefit from. Here are the ones every Cancer should have in their collection:


Moonstone Cancer Birthday

With both ruled by the moon, it should be no surprise that Cancer claims the ethereal Moonstone as a secondary birthstone. The milky gleam of this gemstone can give off the appearance of moonlight, fittingly the stone is also said to illuminate the truth, boosting the intuition of those who possess it. For Cancer, intuition is strengthened even further, allowing them to gain much needed insight into managing their tumultuous emotions and going with the flow.


Carnelian Cancer Birthstone

Just like the Ruby, Carnelian is a fiery birthstone for Cancer. Rather than the passion provided by Ruby, Carnelian provides the same energy towards courage, strength, and creativity.

While Cancer has no problem standing up for the people they love and the causes they believe in, they can need a push to come out of their shell in more personal endeavors. It is common for Cancer to become paralyzed by self-doubt and negativity, and their sensitive hearts bruise easily with criticism. Carnelian can provide cancer with the strength they need to push through this limitation and achieve their goals, especially those that are creative.


Opal Cancer Birthstone

The constantly changing color of Opal perfectly matches the tumultuous inner life of those born under the sign of Cancer, but it’s not the appearance of the stone that makes it a popular secondary birthstone for them.

Opal carries the energy of water, something that resonates especially powerfully with a water sign like Cancer, and the stone is all about emotional healing. Used alone, it can help Cancer find closure and heal old hurts. In combination with another powerful healing stone, like Aquamarine or Rose Quartz, Opal can provide significant emotional healing and mental health benefits, allowing Cancer to work through difficult emotions and situations.


Aventurine Cancer Birthstone

Just like Cancer, Aventurine is a gemstone with a mysterious and unique quality to it. Aventurine is found in all different colors and forms, including some with glittering striations made up of platy minerals.

Aventurine is a gift to anxious and insecure Cancer. The gemstone can be used to help them step outside of their comfort zone, facing challenges, fear, and anxiety head-on.


Aquamarine Cancer Birthstone

While you can’t change the past, that doesn’t stop Cancer from dwelling on it. These sensitive souls become so attached to people, relationships, and situations that they struggle to move on and focus on the present. Aquamarine, known as the “Stone of Courage”, can help Cancer summon the inner strength to make peace and let go of the past.

Cancer needs to learn that letting go does not mean giving up, and Aquamarine can help them reframe the action from one of weakness to an act of strength and self-care. Coming to terms with the past can help Cancer stop dwelling on old regrets and longing for days gone, allowing them to appreciate their memories for what they are.


Calcite Cancer Birthstone 

Calcite, also known as the “Stone of Amplification”, is a must-have stone for Cancers. The stone is said to help you tap into your intuition and clear your head. For those who let their heart lead them through life, as Cancer so often does, it can be a struggle to think clearly and make logical decisions unclouded by emotion. Calcite can help you get in touch with yourself and guide you to the right conclusions when making important decisions.

Black Obsidian

Black Tourmaline Cancer Birthstone 

For the uniquely sensitive Cancer, Black Obsidian is indispensable. These gentle souls are so affected by bad energies and negativity that they really shouldn’t be without protection. Luckily, Black Obsidian is a perfect fit. The stone acts as an aural shield, filtering out black energies and trapping them within, but it’s not just effective against external forces. Black Obsidian can help Cancers put an end to self-destructive habits and negative thought patterns, protecting them from their inner darkness.

Cancer has a wide variety of birthstones, all offering the emotional protection and healing that Canceareans so desperately need when facing the world. Incorporating these stones into your daily life through jewelry or as part of your spiritual practices can help you overcome the difficulties you face as a Cancer, and help you avoid your natural tendency to give too much of yourself away. No matter which stones you choose or how you use them, your birthstones are sure to bring positive change to your life.