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Black Tourmaline – Meaning, Properties and Healing Abilities

Black Tourmaline – Meaning, Properties and Healing Abilities

May 06, 2021

Tourmaline is a type of silicate that includes compounds of aluminum, boron, manganese, and magnesium. It is distinguished by a great variety of colors, as the stones of different colors have their names, "head of a Moor", "head of a Turk", "watermelon". There are also tourmaline "cat's eyes" and polychrome crystals.

It was also widespread in antiquity. African, Indian and other tribes worshiped Tourmaline and used it in their rituals, believing that it would endow its owner with healing powers and protect him from physical dangers. Even today, Tourmaline is considered one of the strongest talismans, carrying with it this mineral is believed to build an invisible shield against any kind of negative energy directed against you.

Protection Qualities of Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline Healing Abilities

It is believed that as a stone of protection, it projects a physical shield around a person, helping him to protect himself from mental attacks. In metaphysical circles, it is renowned as possessing the ability to reflect negative energy and prevent dark beings from entering the spiritual body and influencing consciousness. It is also known to have transformative powers by taking negative thoughts and energy and turning them into something positive.

Black tourmaline is a stone that everyone should own. It is an extremely powerful stone with pyro electric effects. Useful as a protector against negativity, as well as for scattering electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones and computers. Placing it next to the computer will help neutralize electromagnetic energies. It is said that Benjamin Franklin used black tourmaline in some of his greatest experiments and inventions.

Regardless of its size, black tourmaline can be a constant source of energy. It acts as a vacuum for negative energy. Ancient magicians always kept black tourmaline nearby during rituals. In ancient times, this stone was used as a psychic shield and to protect against unwanted persons.

This stone is useful in the presence of danger, travel, or meeting with hostile people. It is excellent for meditation as it allows the mind to work cleanly, clearly, and to focus. It is suitable for students, musicians, actors, artists, athletes, programmers, or any other profession that requires focus and strong will.

Mental and Physical healing abilities of Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline helps strengthen the immune system and cures colds. It is also an ointment for the soul. Soothes depression, stress, and nervousness. It empowers those who decide to get rid of their addictions, such as drug addiction, smoking, and alcoholism. Relieves all kinds of pain, but best helps with arthritis, back pain, and spine problems. It is used as an adjunct in the treatment of the adrenal gland. It has an overall beneficial effect on the endocrine system. Helps with dyslexia as it improves hand-eye coordination. Heals impotence. The magic protector has applications in oncology - it alleviates the condition during chemotherapy. 


In case of bone or muscle injuries, black tourmaline accelerates the healing process. Rejuvenates skin cells, so some beauticians use black tourmaline massagers.

The Black tourmaline heals and protects not only the physical body. It cleanses the aura and thus heals the body from within. All worries, hatred, anger, self-humiliation will leave the purified etheric body. From the outside, no negative energies can penetrate its protective wall. It repels jealousy, hatred, envy, and bad feelings. The stone can introduce its owner to invisible worlds and parallel realities, from where he can draw endless knowledge and information. But only a strong person can handle the visions sent to us by the black tourmaline.

Removing toxins from your body with Black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline For Protection

Tourmaline can cleanse the nervous system, organs, and tissues of the human body from them. Animal and plant studies have been performed to demonstrate the positive effect of Tourmaline on metabolism. The negatively charged ions it emits heal both your body and mind. They regulate blood circulation, the reason for which is that they dilate the capillaries that carry blood, thus saturating the organs with plenty of oxygen, which helps them function properly. Tourmaline not only cleanses your body of harmful toxins but also destroys them. Negatively charged ions also indicate an extremely positive effect on mood. Research has shown that by saturating the brain with oxygen thanks to negatively charged ions, we can fight depression while stimulating mental activity without any medication. Another property of Tourmaline is its ability to emit distant infrared rays, which are also extremely beneficial to the human body. The frequency of their radiation resonates with that of water, as it is known that the human body is mainly composed of water. This indicates an extremely positive effect on the overall activity of the body.

Using Black Tourmaline in the Office

Radiation emitted by electronics, which has become part of people's daily lives, can have a negative impact on human health. Black tourmaline is known to act as a filter that helps protect a person from electromagnetic radiation by staying close to our mobile phone, TV, computer, or other electronic devices.

Radiation emitted by electronics harms human health. Black tourmaline is considered a filter that protects us from electromagnetic fields if kept close to our mobile phone, TV, computer, or other electronic devices.

If you have to stand for long hours working in front of a computer or mobile phone, it is best to keep a medium to large black tourmaline nearby to clean your area of ​​all unhealthy electromagnetic fields.

Black tourmaline activates muscles; has a positive effect on ear infections and hearing disorders. It has a proven and healing effect on superficial cysts, fibroids, and mastopathy, and in this therapy, it is combined with carnelian.


How to use black tourmaline?

The stone is not suitable for children. It should be worn by mature people, and only by very strong personalities. If you are not sure that you can control its powerful energy, you better not buy black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is one of the most used in meditation. It is a highly grounding crystal that protects us during astral travel while purifying the aura and etheric body.

It should be worn on a pendant or ring. When it is on the right hand, it should be on the index finger. On the left is placed on the middle finger. As an amulet in the form of a raw crystal for men, it is appropriate to carry it in the pocket of your pants, while women can put it under the pillow. Gold enhances the magical properties of the stone.

Black tourmaline creates a strong positive field around itself. According to Feng Shui, you can create a positive energy network around your home using black tourmaline. Place a few tourmaline stones in a bowl and place them in the northeastern part of the home, as this part of the home is believed to symbolize the energy of the earth and air. Then, place the stones in each corner of the room and on the windows. This powerful energy network will dissipate all electromagnetic radiation, mental, intellectual, and emotional negative energies

 How To Use Black Tourmaline For Protection

Another way to use it is to immerse a tourmaline crystal in small bowls of water to be distributed in the main rooms of the home. The water is changed every day. Its properties are activated with cumin oil. This crystal, when directed with the tip from the body outwards, draws out negative energy. You can use it to relieve any pain - put a sherry on the spot for 20 minutes. In times of great anxiety and in traumatic periods for you, always carry a piece of untreated black tourmaline.