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Best Crystals For Protection

Top 7 Crystals For Protection

October 21, 2019

Top 7 Crystals For Protection

People come to me all the time sharing any type of personal problems that are clearly linked with the energy they’re surrounded by, and some want to know what are the best crystals for protection.

 The reality is, the answer to their questions depends on the solution each of them need, not every problem is the same and our job is to identify that in order to solve the issue that is disturbing our energy. We can find many different crystals for protection, and we might look for the one that suits us the best .

Most people are looking for some kind of protection. And indeed, we all need it.

First thing to do is recognize what the problem is, we can be affected by other peoples’ envy, fixation, jealousy, psychic attacks, stress and emotional energy, and after we’re exposed to these situations, we will feel emotional drained.

Not only people can interfere with your energy, places can also hold bad energies for events caused in the past or people habiting them, making you vibe in a low frequency after visiting.

In this article you’re going to discover the 7 best crystals for protection; and how to use them in your daily life.  

Can Crystals Be Used For Protection?

Yes! Crystals can absolutely be used for protection.

In ancient times crystals were considered as divine and were used for both healing and protection, this is because crystals have an unchanging energy pattern, and each one has a unique frequency and energy field; therefore, every single crystal is special and knowing which ones are used for protections might be helpful.

Protecting yourself from bad energies is crucial! Everything is energy, and human beings are not the exception, we’re are energy beings that are constantly interacting with the energy we have around, making us susceptible to anything, whether is good or bad.

Who Can Benefit From Protection Crystals? 

Just about everyone can benefit from using crystals for protection. For example.

Many of us have found ourselves in a point of our lives were we just feel emotionally drained, we don’t know what’s going on around, it’s hard for us to explain but this is something that happens all the time all over the world. For some people can be a short time. For others it can last years.

If you’ve ever found yourself in one of these situations or just feel emotionally or energetically drained around certain people or places; you can benefit from using crystals.

How Can Crystals Be Used For Protection? 

Crystals are often used in jewelry, many different ways like bracelets, necklaces, rings also earrings, have made crystals a stylish item likely to use anywhere you go.  

Another simple way is to put your crystal in your purse if you’re not wearing one just put it in your pocket, the main idea is to have the crystal with you, it will provide you with the protection you need in day-to-day situations.

You can put your crystal in your chest for three minutes before you go to bed, like this you’ll protect and cleanse your aura keeping you protected while you’re sleeping, and if you have a table next to bed, put your crystal there, like this you’ll make sure you’ll rest properly upping your dose of spiritual energy

And by putting your crystal outside your home it can protect the energy shield this space has, clearing any unwanted energy.

Remember! Crystals don’t have to be big to be powerful. A small, raw chunk of crystal can work as good as a large polished one.

My Story Of Using Crystals For Protection 

In life we can face situations we never thought could happen to us because we tend to think “these things happen to other people”, and then you see yourself involved in that.

Crystals personally helped me with the energy vampires I was surrounded by a couple of years ago. Feeling empty and energetically drained was a daily problem until I was given the best birthday gift anyone could have given to me, the Black tourmaline. After this, I understood the immense power of crystals and I continued buying different ones for protecting my home, my place at work, and as gifts to very special friends and family members.

The properties of the crystals have made a positive change anywhere I put them, or wherever i go if I'm wearing them, also to my friends and family members that were given to. The transformation of negative energy into beneficial energy is not the only benefit experienced, but a constant peace and tranquility feeling, an increased sense of well-being and enhanced immunity, less depression, and anxiety, mental clarity, and focus are also things you might enjoy.

Now that you know the benefits, keep reading to learn the top 7 crystals used for protection. 

Here Are The Top 7 Crystals For Protection 

1. Black Tourmaline

As I said before, this was the first crystal given to me and for all the good things I'm grateful for is the number one in this top 7 crystals used to protect you. For spiritual protection this can be an extra layer, I put it in my purse or pocket, I also have it in many places around home and in a special spot next to the entrance door if there’s someone’s toxic energy to be cleansed. The secret of this powerful crystal is that it can transmute negative energy into positive. It’s effective to protect you from ill-wishers too. Highly recommended.

2. Smoky Quartz

Also considered the “everyday living” crystal. Its commonly known clairvoyants prefer this crystal because it keeps them protected from negative energies and entities. The smoky quartz is a strongly protective and detoxifying stone that will work as a psychic protector. It will keep you safe from negative energies, is detoxifying in many levels and is an effective stress antidote. When meditating you can keep it close to you, the crystal can help you achieve a deeper state. To draw off negative energies position your crystal pointing outwards, and inwards to energize your body. Balance your life, get a smoky quartz.

3. Amethyst

 This crystal helps strength psychic abilities which can improve your spiritual vibration. This beautiful purple stone is essential to balance you emotionally from stressful situations in your life, this is because the power of the amethyst crystal is to transmute, it can transform bad vibes into high frequencies that will make you feel better. Experts recommend this crystal to meditate, it’s recognized as one of the most spiritual stones, so once you have it in your hands it will protect you, help you focus and give you the mental strength you need in difficult situations. 

4. Jet Stones

This stone is simply a powerful energetic filter. It will protect you from highly negative energy around you in any day by day situation you're going through. This stone is well known for its purification and protective properties, it purifies your aura keeping it clear from toxic vibes. Jet is good at screening out dark entities or spiritual attachments.

5. Staurolite

This wonderful crystal not only protects you but also heals you. When meditating or astral traveling, this crystal will protect you from unwanted spirits, and make your connection with a higher plane stronger. In many situations when people channel with astral planes negative entities try to form attachments that later might consume their energy, causing them future problems. Appropriate crystal likely to bring anytime you meditate and more.

6. Flourite

This crystal is very popular; it’s very well-known because it’s the healing stone most people tend to buy. This special crystal dissolves, repairs and protects. It can help you increase your attention, improving your mental coordination. Having a balance in our lives is crucial to continue healthy and energized every day, and this crystal will make you feel renewed. Highly recommended when you’re in a chaotic situation in your life.

7. Labradorite

Stunning iridescent colors come from this phenomenal crystal that will change your life once you start taking it where you go. This beautiful crystal is a strong shield against psychic attacks, unwanted influences, peoples’ jealousy, and fixation. Energy vampires are real, they feed on your good energy making you feel tired and down once they fed, with this strong crystal you will protect and clean your aura.

Remember to clear your crystals, some might need to be cleaned more than others. 

Choosing The Right Crystal Protection For You 

Every human being is energy, this energy can be contaminated and it’s our job to protect it. It’s crucial to strengthen ourselves from daily situations that can drain us emotionally and mentally making difficult to continue our daily activities.

  Knowing which crystals work best for you is important, here you have the ones you can use according to what you need. 

  People with busy lifestyles that are exposed to stressful situations can enjoy the benefits of the Jet Stone. This crystal can be the perfect gift if you have a friend how’s starting a new business or someone who just got a new job, the Jet Stone can bring good luck to their lives and projects.  

  If you know someone who’s in a toxic relationship you might help them by giving the fluorite crystal, it can help to clear their minds and focus on the big picture of the situation they’re through. This crystal brings mental clarity and stability. Labradorite is great too, not only for unhealthy relationships but also from peoples’ obsession and jealousy. 

People that think they might be victims of witchcraft can use the smokey quartz or the amethyst crystal, they will protect you from any dark entity causing problems in your life. Another powerful crystal against unwanted spirits and energies attacking you is the Staurolyte, it’s recommended to have with you when meditating or astral traveling.

For students that are constantly under pressure during mid-terms, finals and more, having a Black Tourmaline can help to calm the anxiety. Having the vibration of his stone will create a positive mindset.

 To keep yourself safe from energy vampires you can bring the Black Tourmaline anywhere you go. Labradorite helps too, don’t worry about others going to feed off your energy because this crystal will protect you. 


Crystals can absolutely be used to protect you from dark forces and bad energies. Whether you are at home, at work or sleeping; the right stone can work wonders in your life.

We suggest you read about each stone’s powers above and choose the one that feels right for you. Or buy a couple of the different crystals and see which works for you.

Sara Phillipps 

Stay at home mom of three. When I am not looking after the kids I am writing about crystal healing, metaphysics and alternative health.

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