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Best Crystals For Anxiety And Depression

Best Crystals For Anxiety And Depression

June 03, 2021

All around the world, healers and shamans have relied on the power of crystal therapy to ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression whilst also encouraging self-reflection and greater insight into the possible causes of these ailments. 

Anxiety and depression are fairly common occurrences in life. These can happen as a reaction to a major disruptive event or to physiological imbalances. Regardless of the particular reason, the signs of these problems can be observed as negative thoughts, worrying, fatigue, sleeping problems, and difficulties taking care of oneself. 

If you or someone you love are experiencing any of the above, you should first check with your physician. Upon appropriate evaluation of your problem, you might want to consider complementary remedies such as crystal therapy.

How do crystals work?

Crystals are highly vibrating elements often found in nature. Typically, feeling drained, anxious, or depressed will signal an imbalance in your vibratory levels. Knowing how to use crystals can help relieve some of those symptoms.

Below, we have gathered the ten crystals that are universally considered the most effective tools against anxiety, depression and negative thoughts.

Angel Aura 

Angel Aura Quartz

Particularly appreciated for its soothing properties, Angel Aura is one of the best crystals for anxiety and depression. Kept in your most frequented room, it will lift your spirits and fill your heart with love and compassion. 

The gem’s beautiful clusters elevate any room, and its high vibrations make it an ideal companion for your yoga and mindfulness practice. Arguably, the best way to benefit from its pure, elevated energy is to use it in your energy healing sessions. 


Jasper Stone

A gem highly respected for its nurturing properties, Jasper is a must-have addition to your stone collection. It has the power to protect you through transitional periods. This is thanks to its calming vibrations instilling a sense of trust, self-confidence and positive change. It is also considered a “happiness” stone and is capable of bringing you back to the present moment to enjoy life.

This versatile gem can be appreciated in its pure form, as a massage wand or warn as charming jewellery.

Tiger's Eye 

Tiger's Eye

This peculiar gem is great to fight fatigue and restore physical energy levels. Paired with a healthy lifestyle, Tiger’s Eye can work wonders against apathy, negativity and feelings of anxiety and despair. It also promotes happiness, curiosity, and a worry-free outlook.

Its popular look makes it particularly appealing for jewellery, but it is sometimes also carried in pockets or seen in therapy rooms in the form of hearts, spheres or tiny gems.



Black Obsidian

With its characteristic black colour, Obsidian is known for its protective properties. Traditionally employed as a shield against internal and external negative forces, this stone will help you find your inner strength while also heightening your insight and clarity of thinking - making it a great tool to fight depression. 

Much like all crystals, Obsidian is most beneficial when kept near your body, but can also be placed in a special spot in your home. Some healers associate this stone with the power of making your wishes come true.


Malachite Stone

Along with its beautiful aesthetics, Malachite has been long known for its incredible mood-stabilising properties. Used in meditation sessions, it has a powerful effect on past trauma, helping you cope with negative events and promoting acceptance. 

Malachite’s vibrant shade of blue looks stunning when crafted into fine jewellery pieces, but works as effectively when stored in a favourite room or in your pockets. 


Amethyst Crystals

Most appreciated for its characteristic purple colour, this stone acts as a protective shield for the user while also ridding the mind of unnecessary negativity. It promotes a sense of trust and hope in the future.

Another great ally in your meditation sessions, Amethyst is the perfect addition to your bedroom as it encourages rest and relaxation.

This powerful stone is one of the Third Eye Chakra crystals. It protects and helps your spiritual growth and inner guidance.



A powerful stone, Carnelian is known for its ability to catalyze concentration, imagination, vitality, and motivation. Healers find it useful to summon inner strength and guide the user toward success. By giving you trust in your own perception and helping you fight apathy, this stone will rid you of feelings of helplessness and give you courage. 

The benefits of this gem can be appreciated regardless of its form. Some people like to wear it as beautiful jewellery, place a few stones in their pockets or wallet, or in its raw form as a home or office space ornament. Its bright orange also has a positive colour-therapy effect on the viewer. 

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz

A must-have for healing ritual lovers, Clear Quartz has holistic properties covering the three dimensions of the human experience. The highly cleansing energy of this gem helps to fight dark moods and unwanted worries. 

Found in many shapes and forms, Clear Quartz is often seen as a part of a chakra healing wand. 


Citrine Crystal

Citrine is a powerful stone capable of bringing joy and appreciation for life. This makes it a wonderful friend to people struggling with mood swings and negative thoughts. The high vibratory levels of this stone also encourage change and push you a step closer to your objectives.  

Most people love to carry Citrine with them in their vehicles, purses or wallets. Others have a special place in their homes to store their crystals based on the desired effect. 



A symbol of courage, this crystal also gives its user the strength to reach out for help - something people suffering from anxiety and depression often struggle with. Moreover, crystal experts use it to fight apathy, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Energy healers find Agate a particularly effective tool for meditation and yoga. Other people like to keep it close to their bodies so as to create a protective and comforting shield. 


Anxiety and depression are serious problems that nobody should face alone. Thankfully, the natural world is there to assist you and make you stronger on your journey to recovery.