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7 Amazing Benefits Of Yoni Eggs

7 Amazing Benefits Of Yoni Eggs

January 24, 2019

It's 2019 and people are starting to wake up to the many benefits of ancient health practices like yoga, qi gong or crystal healing.

One of our most-loved products here is something involving one of those ancient practices; the use of Yoni Eggs.

Also known as the Jade Egg, Love egg, Kegal egg or even the "vagina egg" it's gaining popularity is happening for a reason.

You see, Yoni eggs are sort of like a kegal exercise tool. With more added benefits from the shape of the egg and the crystals being used

Originally made from jade we now offer Yoni Eggs in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Before you think about purchasing one or a set; you might want to learn about the many uses and benefits.

Here they are.

Benefit #1: Increase Muscle Control And Rock Your Lovers World

Let's fact it. Our pelvic muscles lose a little strength as we get older. Using Yoni eggs for as little as a few minutes per day, a couple times a week allows you re-gain control of your pelvic muscles and tighten them.

This creates a much healthier vagina and allows you to blow your lover's mind.